The Shadow, the Past and the Golden Temple, Amritsar- WPC: Shadow

Golden Temple, Amritsar


I am a Hindu by faith and practice, nevertheless like many others cutting across the differences of religion and belief systems visit Golden Temple located at Amritsar in the Indian state of Punjab. It is the holiest shrine for people of Sikh religion and in fact was once a hotbed of activities pertaining to the demand for a separate Sikh nation of Khalistan. Golden Temple also bears a dark shadow of the past i.e. the 1984 Blue Star Operation conducted to flush out the militants.

Several decades later, spiritualism can be met, at the closest, however, the shadow of the past remains.

Through this image, I intend to go beyond what WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge describes. My intention is to go beyond the shadow in the image so as to have a glance over the shadow of events that unfolded in the past.

Note- This Post has been written in response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.



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