WordPress Prompts

This page documents the posts in response to WordPress Prompts, Inspiration, and Challenges at dailypost.wordpress.com.

Worth A Watch- WordPress Photo Challenge: Textures

Boarding Gate in Focus- WPC: Focus

Your Companion abroad, Your Passport – WordPress Photo Challenge: Friend

Atop in Quito – WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

Khmer Rouge and the Danger! WPC: Danger

Lost the goal of my life at Lima, Peru – WPC: Wanderlust

The Earth that was: Huaca Pucllana – WPC: Earth

Death Awaits in Surprise at Tuol Sleng- WPC: Surprise

Crossing the Safe/Unsafe Peru-Ecuador Border- WPC: Security

Goddess Awaits Past this Dense Fog- WPC: Dense

The Green Belo Horizonte, Brazil -WordPress Photo Challenge

Up in the air and Atop in Rio- WPC: Atop

A Wish Fulfilled at Miraflores, Lima – WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- Wish

Met the Latitude 0 – WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

A symmetry worth looking at Delhi’s IGI,WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match

And he played, WPC: Against the odds

The Shadow, the Past and the Golden Temple, Amritsar- WPC: Shadow

Sometimes Even Gods Feel Lonely, WPC: Solitude

Repurposed a seat for a sleep, WordPress Photo Challenge: Repurpose

Celebrating the Transit Airport: An Oversight too obvious

Is this graceful? WordPress Photo Challenge- Graceful

So that We don’t Forget the Name- WordPress Photo Challenge: Names

Quito’s Past and the Present- WordPress Photo Challenge: Resilient

All the Paths disappear at Tuol Sleng – WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

WordPress Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge- Anticipation


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