So that We don’t Forget the Name- WordPress Photo Challenge: Names

So that we don’t forget the name. Quito, Ecuador

Often during travel to unknown places, we note down the names of the places where we are staying, so as to trace in case we forget while returning back to the hotel or hostel. Since most have smartphones these days, the above picture is one of the possible ways, we would like to have a name and the identification features of the place.

Note- This Post has been written in response to the WordPress Weekly PhotoChallenge Friday 6 January, 2016.



2 thoughts on “So that We don’t Forget the Name- WordPress Photo Challenge: Names

  1. Great name for a photo challenge. Cool name on the hostel. Who doesn’t want a little adventure in their lives? I know I certainly do. I have traveled a great deal, but haven’t stayed in a hostel. Maybe I will one day just to see how different it might be versus a hotel. I’ll bet I’d meet some really cool people. Together we would compare notes on our collective experiences. Alrighty then!

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