Quito’s Past and the Present- WordPress Photo Challenge: Resilient

The old part of Quito has the uniqueness of its own. Having been on the streets of the old part of the town, it is rare that its imprint would not keep coming back, and compel a person to visit Quito again.


                                                       Along the streets of Quito’s old part

Note- This Post has been written in response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.



2 thoughts on “Quito’s Past and the Present- WordPress Photo Challenge: Resilient

  1. […] Distinctness of Quito lies in the way the city has been developed on an altitude of 2850 metres. There is an old part of the city where the colonial Quito lies and there exists a modern and a pretty developed city like other South American capitals. Quito tourism provides a Hop on Hop Off bus service quite regular in its timing to all the touristic points in the city. Interestingly, I managed to get the pass at a discounted price for the same with my Student ID. I have had cases, when few other entrances like Museums and Churches had denied me the Student rates, that being only available to Ecuadorians or Students enrolled in the educational institutions in Ecuador. I have also used public transport including buses and trams, which can be used to travel to any of the tourist sites. One such a tourist site is Mitad del Mundo a point from where Equator passes. […]


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