Travel Sans Blogging – It’s my Blog anniversary

I have been toying with the idea of running a blog for several years- most ended after it started. I could not sustain the frequency of posting, as internet connection was not under my reach nor did I have a laptop or computer or for that matter not even a smart phone to operate a blog. I was well aware of the Google’s blogger, and WordPress was not that enchanting a decade back. But those were my undergraduate days. Now during my doctoral studies, I had everything mentioned above. WordPress had become a well-developed Content Management System (CMS). Since, I Iiked travelling, I considered it better to jump into the ocean of travel blogging, which many veteran bloggers consider as saturated. WordPress vs. Blogger wasn’t debate in January, 2016, as I was convinced WordPress was better. Less than 24 hours compelled me move from a free WordPress to GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress (a mistake!). Probably, the initial price offering from the GoDaddy was the one that prompted me. Among many, I also wanted to develop a portfolio with a travel blog- to introduce myself at bloggers’ conferences- as and when I participated in TBEX Conferences, meant for Travel bloggers.

Along the streets of Quito’s old part

Before I started a travel blog, I had travelled to South East Asia and South America, had a smart phone and had a lot of photographs to post. I also regret that I did not have a camera phone while I explored many places over the years in India- where I live. I finally launched my travel blog on 31st January, 2016. Like every blogger, I hoped my blog would gain a decent traffic, which of course did not materialise. With all the technicalities that frustrated me, finally my blog was getting a single digit traffic, and just a ‘like’ came after several months. Just to assess the progress report of my travel blog as on 31st January, 2017, there are few achievements and many regrets. The achievement is – my blog is still not dead and is still getting a single digit traffic on daily basis. Most posts have single digit likes, few comments- however, I have managed to take the number of followers to double digit. When I started the blog, I had to work hard to bring the traffic from my Twitter handle to my blog, but presently just posting in response to WordPress Prompts can do that.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

I live in India and an Indian by nationality. I contemplated in my first post, I only need to travel abroad to see how the outside world is like- as I believe I don’t have to go outside India to see the mountains, snows, beaches or deserts. However, being a research student- there are academic pursuits that take me abroad. As I mentioned, before I started this blog I had travelled to South East Asia – Indonesia (for a Student Summit) and to South America – Peru and Ecuador, primarily for academic reasons. My first foreign trip was also the moment I boarded a flight, as in India, trains are more or less the most common means of transport.

My blog completed one year on 31st January, 2017 and by then I had visited Cambodia (for a Cultural event), travelled twice to the United States and once to Brazil. I also spent a night at Addis Ababa during transit (in hotel!) without going anywhere in the city. Altogether I had visited 11 cities January through January- I did not update that on social media that would help connect my followers. I had lot to write on the places I visited. I could have reviewed the flights and the inflight vegetarian menu. At least I could have posted on the Visa related procedures for Indian nationals. I didn’t. I remained lazy. I did not go to TBEX either. By the end of the year i.e. 2016 I realised that it costed me money to start a blog and a charge on my credit card was awaiting renewal in two months, if I wanted to renew the current plan on GoDaddy. I made a serious decision to only renew my domain and map the same with WordPress free plan. I cancelled the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Plan. It consider that to be an excellent decision. What I wish to say that I became quite serious: I was trying to revive my blog, by at least regularly posting on WordPress Prompts. For exposure I went to WordPress WordCamp 2017 at Udaipur in January 2017. I learnt a lot but also realised—- that specific WordCamp was dominated by tech people.

On the eve of my blog anniversary, I confess that I travelled a lot, had a lot of other things to write on but I didn’t. You may see that even this blog post is behind the schedule at least by a month. But I affirm to keep this blog alive. Being preoccupied with my doctoral research is only an excuse- I take this New Year resolution to keep posting.


5 thoughts on “Travel Sans Blogging – It’s my Blog anniversary

  1. Its true that travel blogging the most popular category and therefore considered saturated. Even then, this is the most followed and popular category. I’m not sure if twitter actually works at sending traffic to the blog. quite debatable.
    Regular posting will also ensure that your blog gets regular traffic, even alexa ranking will improve. All the best

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  2. If you are blogging to put your unique voice onto the web then what does it matter how much traffic is received? If you start writing things that are of interest to a larger segment of readers but of very little interest in then you will achieve a sort of success. In other words, do you want to be popular or do you want to be (authentically) “YOU”.

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